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5 Ways to Stay Engaged and Productive while WFH

Apr 12, 2020

For a while now there have been split views on WFH. Is efficiency taking a hit or has the productivity really gone up! 

5 Way to Stay Engaged and Productive while WFH

For a while now there have been split views on WFH. One may have the opinion that efficiency takes a back seat and on the contrary, the other side of the coin states that productivity actually is better!

Irrespective, we can all safely agree that there are some guardrails that if followed result in us being more productive and focussed.

WFH Means ‘Working’ From Home!

While it is a personal space and we may need to play our part at home in such times where we may not have support with household duties, the need to integrate work and our personal life is tested now more than ever before. The reason I use to integrate and not ‘work-life’ balance is that it is not an either-or situation anymore.

Follow a Routine

It can get taxing to be on continuous calls with little to no social interaction, maintaining a routine helps one compartmentalise aspects such as our own health, wellbeing, and responsibilities. In times of change, a routine provides a sense of normalcy.

Create a schedule of meetings that are recurring so there is predictability to a certain extent to your availability, chalk in time to clear your emails, take a couple of breaks during the day to ensure you are not glued to a desk for an extended period of time.

Get Your Work mode On!

We all may need to pep ourselves up on any given day.

Simple things like having a makeshift workspace for yourself, getting dressed in the morning versus staying in ones’ pyjamas (no matter how much we love em!), maintaining notes from meetings, informing co-workers of your availability are some ways to keep our focus on work.

Getting the Basics Right

Working from home requires us to ensure we have the support system available. This could range from internet connectivity, to your power back up to maintaining self-governance wrt IT security and data confidentiality.

We also have accountability towards ensuring the company assets we own are taken care of by not exposing them to being damaged.

Grow your Grit

While WFH offers one with a great deal of flexibility, ensuring that you remain focussed on the expectations your team has from you, daily deliverables, showing up for meetings on time and going above your call of duty requires commitment.

In times like these, consistency in living up to your company values and one’s performance, will hold you in good stead!

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