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7 Ways to Recognise your Remote Employees during Covid19 Pandemic

Apr 03, 2020

The pandemic might have resulted in a severe blow to business operations globally but that shouldn’t stop people managers from recognising and appreciating their associates for the work they put in.

7 Ways to Recognise Your Remote Employees During Covid19 Pandemic

Trying times are the most accurate tests of mettle. When societal norms and conventions start losing consistency, it becomes even more important to stand by your moral code and double down on your efforts to maintain a semblance of normalcy. The world is facing an unprecedented crisis and this uphill battle requires equal efforts from all of humanity.

These efforts can be at any level, in any capacity. The pandemic might have resulted in a severe blow to business operations globally but that shouldn’t stop people managers from recognising and appreciating their associates for the work they put in. With employees everywhere facing a wave of confusion and despair, it is important to reassure and recognise the people you manage. Employees have set up remote workstations at their homes and are continuing to put in hours despite the lack of facilities and as managers, it becomes a part of your responsibility in the war against the virus to recognise your remote employees and keep them optimistic and motivated.

Here are seven opportunities that you, as a manager should not miss out on!

#1 Recognising Values

The core values of any organisation are the pivots that keep it running. In times of economic uncertainties, adhering to your core values just might be the key to longevity and survival. The employees who hold these values in the highest regard and display them through their work ethic and loyalty deserve recognition from their managers.

#2 Recognising Behaviours

It is not uncommon for people to panic and develop fatalistic attitudes during times of global fear like the current pandemic we’re facing. Maintaining a sense of rationality and a can-do attitude can be difficult in hard times and you should respect the sheer tenacity of those who do. Recognising and reciprocating the intensity of these employees is a great way to show respect to their indomitable work ethic.

#3 Recognising Above & Beyond

There are individuals, who, during tough times rise above and beyond all adversities and become a beacon of hope and inspiration for others. There are no particular parameters to ascertain such efforts; from working odd hours to troubleshooting and improvising their responsibility, undertaking someone else’s work or even being there for a colleague in difficult times. These are the qualities of a hero and any employee displaying them should be recognised as one.

#4 Recognising Tag Teams

There are certain employees who work very efficiently in tandem with each other. In desperate times like these, the work ethic of such employees who motivate each other to perform better deserves a salute. Teamwork is essential to any organisation and employees who embody these virtues should be recognised by their managers for bringing a sense of solidarity especially when it is needed the most.

#5 Recognising Availability and Accessibility

Working remotely has caused a major upheaval in the schedule of everyone involved. There are several factors that need to be considered while working from home; familial responsibilities, lack of privacy, connectivity problems and feasible working environment to name a few. All employees that make themselves available and accessible despite the surmounting odds must be lauded for their efforts. These are the individuals who boost productivity and inspire people around them.

#6 Recognising Work Spaces

A feasible work environment that ensures productivity is perhaps the most important part of a workspace. To simulate your office environment in your remote working space is a huge challenge and something that most employees struggle with. People are coming up with innovative ideas to make their workstations at home more efficient and interesting. Such efforts reflect the work ethic of the employee and how they prioritise work. Efforts like these might seem trifling but they have a positive impact on the psyche and are worthy of appreciation.

#7 Recognising Community Help

In bleak times, every little humanitarian effort counts. Altruism is a rare trait and those who exhibit it even during tough times deserve all the appreciation in the world. Simple gestures like donating money for important causes, feeding the underprivileged or even volunteering to feed strays in the neighbourhood are worthy of attention. It is these gestures that help preserve faith in humanity and as managers, you must recognise the employees who work selflessly for the less fortunate. After all, this behavior resonates with the community spirit of your organisation.

Recognition and appreciation of your employees especially in this new virtual work environment requires some strategic realignment. Every little effort, contribution merits recognition. It is our unified resilience that will help us sail these troubled waters and continuing with your usual traditions of recognition and appreciation will be a fruitful step in the struggle against this pandemic. Remember to keep your employees motivated, stay connected with them and keep recognising.

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