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Learning with Brainier

A mobile compatible, cloud-based Learning Management System to meet the rapidly changing and highly sophisticated needs of today's workforce.

Build a Thriving EVP With Brainier


Employee Value Proposition (EVP) plays a substantial role in attracting, engaging and retaining the top talent in a competitive job market. In the search of adding value to the employee journey – learning becomes the best investment for boosting EVP and business results simultaneously.

Brainier blends learning beautifully into the EVP strategy while making a bottom-line impact. It not only helps you achieve higher competence levels leading to breakthrough business results but also adds significantly to the motivation & engagement of employees by empowering them with knowledge and the right skills.

Overall with this strategic learning environment, organizations are able to build a community of brand advocates highly motivated to take on new challenges and deliver business with industry best practices.

Engage with your Future Workforce

Brainier's Knowledge Technology helps your business achieve breakthrough results through better enterprise e-learning that will educate, engage & empower your employees. The Enterprise Learning Platform provides brands with an extremely high level of flexibility for the rapidly changing needs of today's learners.

Say hello to The Brainier LMS

The crown jewel of e-learning, Brainier LMS - An award-winning Learning Management System is a cloud-based solution that allows your content and curriculum to be 100 percent accessible anywhere, anytime and by every registered user. The Brainier LMS was created from the ground up to address the input of learners and trainer – completely new, completely unique, and completely open. There is no one way to learn or the best time for study, that’s why learning and training classes need to be flexible and adaptable to your employee's sales team and channel partner's needs, interests, and abilities.

Interactive Learning Solutions to Engage Employees with Training

At Brainier, we make sure that the culture of learning helps you create an engaging employee experience that truly reinforces company loyalty and provides real value to your most valued employees. While your employees will grow stronger with knowledge, you will gradually pave the path for intensified loyalty from your well-engaged employees.

When you choose us as your learning partner, you can expect personal attention to your specific needs as we create a unique and customized learning program for your employees featuring the latest platform technology in the industry.

Looking to create a thriving learning culture for your brand?

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