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Amplify Victories With DayMaker Awards!

A nimble recognition solution to recognise the accomplishments of your employees. 


Inspire People by Celebrating Achievements. 

To grow your business, you not just need to identify and nurture those who do a great job, but also celebrate their achievements in a way that makes them feel special and repeat the positive behavior. 

BI WORLDWIDE’s nimble solution DayMaker Awards does just that –Recognise and celebrate important accomplishments and create the desired impact that will leave lasting results. 

Designed To Impact 

DayMaker Awards is simplicity at its best. A couple of key highlights include:

  • Custom program design from our team of recognition solution experts. 
  • personalised celebration page dedicated to highlight one's accomplishment. 
  • Responsive design for easy access anytime, anywhere. 
  • Carefully curated award collection to create hedonic moments. 
  • Vivid data visualisation to stay on top of program results. 

BI WORLDWIDE partners with your brand to offer an end-to-end experience. From Program design, implementation, management, rewards curation, fulfillment to employee-support, our in-house experts handle it all!  


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