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Service Anniversary Awards

Recognise and reward employees for their commitment over the years in the most personalised way ever

Revolutionizing your Service Anniversary Awards experience


Service anniversary awards programs help recognize employees for their years of service. Your long-standing employees are your most valuable resource and they help to keep your organization running.

Research has shown that service anniversary programs have a significant impact on employee engagement, subsequently building employee morale and improving loyalty to your company. A well-embraced service anniversary awards program is an important piece of the puzzle for any organization, large or small, that wants to retain its key talent.

At BI WORLDWIDE India, we make sure that your service anniversary rewards truly reinforce company loyalty, providing real value to your most valued employees. As a global provider of service anniversary awards, BI WORLDWIDE India focuses on developing service awards programs that positively reflect your organization's image and motivate your dedicated employees.

When you choose us as your service anniversary partner, you can expect personal attention to your specific needs as we create a unique and customized program for your employees featuring the latest platform technology in the industry and our best-in-class patented social recognition applications.

Your organization is built on the hard work of employees who have dedicated years of service to its success. Express appreciation for their efforts with our revolutionizing Service Anniversary Awards platforms. 

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