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DayMaker Service Awards

The influence of long-serving employees goes a long way in strengthening your EVP. Amplify their most special day through our unique service awards solution designed to create hedonic memories that leave lasting impressions.  


Inspire Your People To Love What They Do And The Brand They Do It For. 


Loyal, productive team members are valuable beyond measure. They have a tremendous impact on an organisation’s culture and success. How do you show them that you truly value them and their contribution? While recognising them frequently is great, sometimes just ‘thanks’ is not enough.  

This is where BI WORLDWIDE’s unique service awards solution comes in. Stocked with behavioral science principles, DayMaker Service Awards is designed to amplify your employee’s most important moment to create a lasting memory. It is built to engage managers and peers onkey service milestones and reinforce an organisation’s employee value proposition.

 It’s Unlike Anything You Have Seen Till Now! 

DayMaker Service Awards is unlike any other service anniversary solution in the market.  

specially created ‘celebration page’ packed with all things amazing pops up to greet your employee on his/her service anniversary. 

See fellow-peers come together to share memorable messages in the form of texts, images, and videos celebrating the special day. With social enablers such as comments, likes, and hi-fives, it is not just a one-way wish from the brand but a collective celebration by all those who matter.   

To take it up a notch, the Group Doodle feature enables employees to creatively collaborate in a cool and fun way to tell a story or simply amp up the celebratory feel. 

Involving The Top:
Let them know that senior management cares by sharing a message of appreciation through a video, image, comments, and a signature. You can also specifically highlight congratulatory postings from managers to amplify the recognition impact. 

A Walk Down The Memory Lane: 
Every employee on his service anniversary goes “Ah! That was the day when” and has so many stories to tell peers. DayMaker Service Awards gives you a way to tap into the nostalgic side of your employee. 

Rewards They'll Love:
Service awards should be thoughtfully curated to ensure maximum impact. You don’t want your employee going “Well, it was a great day that ended with a bad gift”. BI WORLDWIDE helps you offer inspirational, vivid and culturally appropriate rewards from its carefully curated 7 million ultra-motivating rewards suite spanning merchandise, experiences and more. 

DayMaker Service Awards allows you to track and analysekey metrics that will help you better your service anniversary experience and strengthen your EVP 

BI WORLDWIDE partners 
with your brand to offer an end-to-end experience. From Program design, implementation, management, rewards curation, fulfillment to employee-support, our in-house experts handle it all!  


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