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Engagement Strategies & Metrics

Deploy and measure employee engagement strategies basis your employees’ intensity towards performance and commitment

New Rules of Employee Engagement


Employee engagement has become the new currency in today’s economy. Engaged employees have a sense of personal attachment to their work and organization; they are motivated and are able to give their best to help it succeed. In order for businesses to gain competitive returns, employee engagement has to be scored continually throughout the organization and powered by innovative expertise.

Our approach is to use the principles of behavioral economics and the New Rules of Engagement to design a perfect employee engagement strategy that will truly drive and sustain the engagement of all employees. Our engagement strategies will help you stir collaborative innovation, build consensus and strengthen relationships.

We will boost your organization's performance by strategically engaging and analyzing your target audiences. BI WORLDWIDE India’s Analytics and Insights play a deeper role in analyzing the impact that employee recognition programs have on the organization. The engagement metrics link employee satisfaction, loyalty and recognition to business metrics. These elements are required to build analytic models that help in predicting business performance.

While we have a strong point of view regarding employee engagement, we believe clients are poorly served by one-size-fits-all approaches.  Our engagement strategies and analytics solutions are tailor-made to each client’s needs. The solutions include key elements that impact performance, expert survey development skills, predictive modeling for segmentation, profiling and factor analysis.

We incorporate strategies and metrics into design variables for which we have national norms, to help the client understand its relative strengths and weaknesses. We survey variables, whether normative or specific to the client, and validate based on that organization’s unique performance metrics.

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