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New Rules of Engagement

In today’s business, the principle of reciprocity stands true. How we, as an organisation, treat our employees will define how engaged they are to deliver value. Our research based revolutionary strategies for employee engagement transform the way managers motivate and engage with their employees. 

Strategies to build engagement and improve productivity

Over the last few decades, employee engagement has become imperative to build successful organisations. However, many organisations have not been able to engage their employees successfully and failed by implementing outdated engagement approaches devised during the initial “boom”.

Change is the only constant thing. The rules have changed too.

Expectations have grown and attention spans have become shorter. The demand for instant gratification has increased. Your employees access information in-demand, on-the-go and expects that communication will be equally faster and fluid.

Our employee engagement strategies are based on the principles of behavioral economics and extensive field experience, completely updated to meet today’s expectations.

The practice leaders at BI WORLWIDE India fielded pioneering research to identify the New Rules of Engagement. These discoveries are now the subject of a new book by a New York Times bestselling author, Rodd Wagner. Widgets: The 12 New Rules for Managing Your Employees As If They’re Real People is revolutionary and it’s what we deploy for our clients around the globe.

We offer a full spectrum of employee engagement solutions, including strategy, measurement, analytics, learning solutions and assessments.

Let’s be a part of the change and implement the new rules to drive employee engagement. 

Learn more about each of the New Rules of Engagement.

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