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Selecting a Motivation Solution

Aug 05, 2014

Whoever is being motivated, be it the employees or channel partners, there are five necessary points that...

Take a look at our quick Q&A Guide to Motivation Solutions:

1. How important do you think incentives and motivation offers have become in the modern B2B marketing environment?

In today’s environment, where everyone is using incentives to grab a share of mind of its sales staff, incentives and motivation offers have become vital for everyone – particularly in a channel setting. In an environment where employees are continuously bombarded with incentives; for the scheme to be successful, it will have to be highly engaging. Motivation is needed now more than ever due to highly competitive marketplace with very demanding customers. Everyone needs motivation at different levels with customers need to buy and remain loyal, sales people need to be inspired to sell, channels and vendor parties need to be encouraged to enhance their brand awareness, and employees at all levels need to be motivated to continually improve performance; all of it focussing on the eventual goal of achieving financial success for the organisation.

2. How have the rewards and incentives schemes developed over the last few years? Have you noticed any major changes in how these schemes are used within B2B organisations?

With basic principles and theories on motivation remaining unchanged in theory, the use of technology has resulted in quicker and more effective ways to incentivise its staff. The reach of the program is also better.

3. Motivating staff is clearly a focus of incentive schemes, but, is motivating strategic partners also becoming a traditional component of the incentives site?

Motivating strategic partners is crucial and comes with more difficulties than motivating one’s own employees due to lesser direct control on them.  It is harder to motivate, communicate, measure and recognise someone else’s employees or business partners than it is for your own staff. In order to be successful is it important to adopt a ‘sell not tell’ approach when motivating strategic partners.

4. Can you outline your incentive/motivation solution(s) and also tell what makes your system different from the others in the marketplace?

BI WORLDWIDE™ sells bespoke high-end solutions to blue-chip companies.  Employee motivation should be considered a science with programmes tailored for each specific company and audience. 

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BI WORLDWIDE, is a global performance improvement company and has been in operation for over 60 years. Fusing Domain Expertise, Cutting Edge Technology, Rewards Fulfillment, and Campaign Execution Capabilities, BI WORLDWIDE provides end-to-end solutions to implement effective Employee Recognition, Channel Rewards and Customer Loyalty programs.

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