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What Does The Coffee-Shop Line Tell About Social Recognition?

Sep 22, 2014

Using the ‘right type of social’ can increase employee engagement and put the ‘sociability’ in social recognition.

While standing in a line at the coffee shop, you must have experienced hordes of speechless and un-caffeinated people looking like zombies eagerly waiting for their morning fix. In the same line, sometimes, there is also that guy who is updated on latest gossip, sings along with the music in store and occasionally tells a joke that makes the whole line laugh. Even unknowingly, that guy lightens the general mood and makes everyone feel just a little bit more energized even before they grab their coffee.

A well-designed employee social recognition program is also like that guy in the coffee shop line that encourages, energises and shares useful information with employees at various levels of your organisation.

BI WORLDWIDETM’s social recognition product, G5 has been designed to help employees from the moment they get up in the morning and reach out to their smart phones. G5 offers real-value ways to learn, connect, and stay interested in doing the very best job possible for your organisation.

G5 is the most advanced social recognition system EVER, with technology that promises a smooth and seamless experience no matter where you are, when or on what device you are logging in. G5 will be a place to connect with the best parts about working for your company, and a one-stop shop to keep them on their number-one game.

G5 is a social recognition system worth rejoicing – with Café Mocha, perhaps?


BI WORLDWIDE, is a global performance improvement company and has been in operation for over 60 years. Fusing Domain Expertise, Cutting Edge Technology, Rewards Fulfillment, and Campaign Execution Capabilities, BI WORLDWIDE provides end-to-end solutions to implement effective Employee Recognition, Channel Rewards and Customer Loyalty programs.

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