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3 Key Factors of Employee Engagement

Jan 10, 2016

Written by: BI WORLDWIDE India
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Employees are the most important part of any organisation. Employee at every level has to feel motivated and happy to give his best to his responsibilities. Engaging them helps a company achieve this, which in turn leads to the company’s success. 

Executing any task is like a sport. Employees work hard towards it, collectively execute it, and finally we have the result of the combined work of the team. For easier understanding, let us see how we can relate ‘employee engagement’ to sports and know the key factors -

1. Employees need something for motivation (Besides money)

Consider any sport. Sure, the winners make a lot of money. But what drives them is something much bigger than the mere paycheck. It’s the moment when they’re crowned the winner! When they feel that their hard work has been recognised in front of everyone.

Your employees deserve and need the same, and more often than not, they themselves will not know this. Make them feel like their contribution is important for the success of your team and give them the feeling of taking the team to success when your team does well.

2. Unity

Consider yourself the team leader and your employees the supporters. Now, in any sport, even though it’s the leader who takes the team to success, it is actually a team effort. Similarly, each member of your team has his own responsibilities. But in the end, they’re all working towards a common goal, i.e., making your business successful.

Therefore, it is important to maintain unity in the team and have the team members respect and value each other. A well-planned employee engagement program will help your employees stay motivated and remember that they are proud members of a great team.

3. Wellness is the key!

It’s not enough for any sportsman to be in a good physical shape; mental well-being has an equal priority! If not, any healthy person would be a sportsman! Similarly, you need to figure out how your employees are feeling, especially at workplace. Their overall health plays an important role in how well they perform at work.

Consider integrating wellness programs to keep your employees informed about their health and how to maintain it. You can even devise some stress busting programs to relax your employees and make them perform better. They will be at their best when they feel the best!

An efficient employee engagement program takes care of all the above factors and makes sure every employee feels motivated and strives to give his best. Get in touch with us and we will help you devise an employee engagement solution that works best for your company.


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