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Drivers Of Digital Workplace Culture

Dec 06, 2020

Written by: Amy Stern, Ajanta Chatterjee, Gurdit Singh Sachdeva & Rakesh Kumar
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The researchers and industry stalwarts have put together their point of views, ideas, and research on the drivers of digital workplace culture-  Commitment, Effort & Inspiration


Employee expectations at the workplace have evolved faster than organisations have, during this pandemic. With a significant element of this new expectation being digitisation for engagement and experience, organisations need to incorporate new online tools in every aspect of the work culture. What a modern consumer is, is exactly what an employee is, who expects tools of convenience to manage work and interactions.

Technology at the workplace needs to be implemented seamlessly to boost engagement and productivity while keeping employees physically, mentally, and professionally satisfied. Amy Stern, Managing Director - Research & Strategy, BI WORLDWIDE, Ajanta Chatterjee, VP-HR, JSW, Rakesh Kumar, VP- Digital HR Transformation, EXL and Gurdit Singh Sachdeva, National Manager - Rewards, HCCB came together to discuss and debate the pivoting employee experience strategies in the current era of digital transformation.

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Amy Stern

Managing Director - Research & Strategy, BI WORLDWIDE

Amy has advised companies across industries on how to create an employee value proposition that promotes a happy and productive workforce, identifying what is important to employees. Her deep understanding of research allows her to bring rigorous thinking to a topic while maintaining a fresh and innovative perspective. She also holds a master’s degree in experimental psychology, focusing on unconscious motivators of human behavior.

Ajanta Chatterjee

Vice President-HR, JSW Group

Ajanta has deep & diverse experience in building strategic focus towards developing organisation culture with a focus on employee development & engagement aligned to business strategy and goal. Her expertise and experience is to bring in best in class, agile and innovative design approach and methods to support Organisation Development and Cultural Transformation.

Gurdit Singh Sachdeva

National Manager - Rewards at Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages

Gurdit is an expert in the field of Performance & Rewards. He has managed projects ranging in complexity from global rewards systems harmonization to simple rewards benchmarking, rewards portfolio and more. He has also helped leading organisations with their Rewards Strategy articulation and design of Incentive Plans.

Rakesh Kumar

Rakesh has a strong experience in managing Transformative Business HR IT initiatives in a Global Shared Service environment. He specialises in Organisation Transformation and Change Management; Policies, Systems and Processes; Budgeting; Performance Management, and HR Technology & Analytics