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Direct To Digital - Virtual & Behavioural Model of Learning

Sep 29, 2020

Written by: Peder Jacobsen, Surya Mohapatra & Eklavya Sinha
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Learning & Development leaders shared the key change strategies, virtual learning models & pragmatic digital learning applications, to ensure a great work experience.

It’s no surprise that conference room sessions, on the job training, physical group learning workshops have become things of the past. In the current normal and the near future, you cannot expect 100% of your workforce to be available in office for the learning initiatives you had planned for them in the beginning of the year.

This is that golden time when your workforce is not spending hours commuting to the workplace and can spare good enough time for the learning modules assigned to them. But, the question is even with the available time would they be interested in the courses assigned to them? Maybe not, for an L&D leader it is important to understand the pulse of their workforce by putting them into training environments and observing how they behave. Based on their choices and behavior, they need to strategically move forward and assign them the relevant courses according to an individual and not the whole organization as a group.

Hear it from the inspiring change leaders in Learning & Development as they share key change strategies, virtual learning models & pragmatic digital learning applications, to ensure a great work experience.

Virtual and Behavioral Model of Learning

Peder Jacobsen

Peder brings more than 25 years of learning experience to his current role. Before joining BIW in 2004, Mr. Jacobsen was Chief Learning Officer and a Co-Founder of LogicBay Corporation and Co-Founder of Training Innovations. An early industry advocate for MicroLearning, Mr. Jacobsen has brought numerous learning products to market including BIW’s Chameleon eLearning framework which features the ability to create adaptive eLearning for any device, in any language, for any role, with custom content to the role and a content path for the individual.

Surya Mohapatra

Global head – Talent transformation and Learning & Development at Wipro

Surya is engaged in evolving strategies for career development, talent management and knowledge management for the organization in India. He speaks regularly in various national and international forums on topics related to HR, Learning and Development, Corporate Culture and Spirituality. His articles have been published in various journals and magazines

Eklavya Sinha

Head, Leadership, learning and Change at Dalmia Bharat Group

He has more than 17 years of experience in HR, Consulting and L&D, across different industries and countries. He’s passionate about developing engaging and effective HR programs which are grounded in sound principles, enabled with technology and focused on solving real problems.

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