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Employee Appreciation Day 2022

Mar 04, 2022

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During this dynamic period of change, what remains constant is the need for appreciation. If you really wish to make a lasting impact and build a culture of appreciation, consider reinforcing key moments by recognising your employees throughout their journey with your brand.

Making every day an Employee Appreciation Day for Hybrid Workforce

Appreciation today is not a one-time act. It has evolved to become a culture that defines an engaging and growth-oriented employee experience. Amidst the new-age hybrid work culture, organisations across the globe are adopting new ways to attract, engage and retain their employees. However, during this dynamic period of change, what remains constant is the need for appreciation. If you really wish to make a lasting impact, consider reinforcing key moments by recognising your employees throughout their professional journey with your brand. Build a culture of ‘appreciation everyday’ by making every moment an inspiring moment of your employees, from the day they decide to join your organisation to the day they become your brand advocates.

Let’s look at what a consistent appreciation strategy can look like:

The Decision Day

The Decision Day refers to the day an employee chooses to join your organisation. On this day, it is absolutely crucial for new employees to feel confident of fitting into the culture and people. A great way to establish a sense of fitting in is by showing new employees how their individual traits align with the values of the organisation. This taps into the concept of the Idiosyncratic fit, a principle of behavioural economics, wherein employees feel they have an advantage over their peers and are, therefore, more motivated to perform better.

Show appreciation towards your employee’s big decision by giving a glimpse of what he or she can expect from the team and the organisation as a whole.

The First Day

The First Day refers to their first day on the job. Establishing an on-boarding or training program can be a great way to help new hires feel engaged and welcomed. In fact, based on research conducted by BI WORLDWIDE, employees that receive training are 14% more likely to be happy at work, 16% more likely to be committed and 14% more likely to work harder.

Make the first day count by extending a warm and inspiring welcome to your employee. Appreciate their joining and make them feel comfortable within your workplace environment. Actions like sending welcome messages from managers or leadership can inspire new hires and make them feel like they are a part of the team.

Every Day

Appreciating employees Every Day is crucial, especially for leaders who expect high performance overall. This is because the talent you value is 31% less likely to leave if they feel appreciated and engaged, while 24% will be more willing to put in extra effort.

It is important for the employees to feel that their work and efforts are being valued every single day. Actions like recognising positive behavior, offering learning challenges that validate their knowledge, and calling out an exceptional performance are a few ways to appreciate your employees every day.

Achievement Day

Achievement Day refers to special days set aside for appreciating high performance, larger milestones like Service Anniversaries, service well done, etc. The organisation-wide recognition offered on such days functions as a great tool to enhance extrinsic motivation while making all the other employees work harder to achieve the hit of dopamine that comes with public validation!

Establish an appreciation routine that constantly celebrates your employee’s accomplishments.

The Referral Day

The Referral Day not only helps your organisation attract top talent by allowing your best performers to tap into their social circle, it also functions as a great PR moment for your company, with employees highlighting why their peers should apply for open positions. With this, your employees are transformed into active brand ambassadors! Knowing that 70% of the knowledge a prospective applicant gains about a company is before the first interview, this is an incredibly important engagement moment.

Extend appreciation towards your employee’s efforts all through his/her journey with organisation. Make them feel valued for their unique contribution and encourage them to help you find more such dedicated employees.

An inspiring employee experience is not just about orientation and long-service anniversaries, it is about expanding the way you appreciate them over the course of their entire relationship with your company.

On this Employee Appreciation Day, we encourage you to inculcate appreciation within your value culture and make every moment an inspiring moment by valuing all small and big efforts of your employees.




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