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Webcast: Reimagining L&D Framework

Feb 03, 2020

Brainier, a BI WORLDWIDE company, in association with People Matters, presented a webcast to inspire learning through behavioral science lens for your employees in 2020

Learning is a process, not a one-time event, says all but realizes only a few. This could involve continuous blending of your L&D initiative with your engagement strategy that combines online learning, social learning, and trainings based on “What is required for whom” approach. One size CANNOT fit all; the success of any L&D initiative is based on how relevant it is for the audience.

By ‘framing’ L&D solutions differently, the participants can be influenced to take more ownership of their learning from the outset. Behavioural economics is surely the silver bullet the managers been waiting for in L&D. It not only works as a guiding force for your L&D framework but also adds a human-centric approach to the whole strategy. It brings together philosophy and science to teach us about how people make decisions and why. It enables us to better prioritize how we assess, communicate and roll out our learning and development initiatives and strengthen the engagement strategy of the overall business.

Hear it from the learning expert himself and reimagine your L&D framework in 2020 by leveraging the applied behavioural science.

Peder Jacobsen

Peder brings more than 25 years of learning experience to his current role. Before joining BIW in 2004, Mr. Jacobsen was Chief Learning Officer and a Co-Founder of LogicBay Corporation and Co-Founder of Training Innovations. An early industry advocate for MicroLearning, Mr. Jacobsen has brought numerous learning products to market including BIW’s Chameleon eLearning framework which features the ability to create adaptive eLearning for any device, in any language, for any role, with custom content to the role and a content path for the individual.

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