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The Secret Weapon to Increase your Channel Sales

Jul 11, 2016

Written by: BI WORLDWIDE India
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Launching a new product, or trying to re-establish an existing product through as sales channel that you don’t control, is like mounting an attack.

If you are planning on launching a new product, or trying to re-establish an existing one through a sales channel, it is important to know whether the sales channel will pay attention to all the features and benefits of your new product.  Will they read all of the attractive and convincing material that you have created? And more importantly, how do you make sure that they take appropriate action?

To make the most out of your product launch, it is important to combat any potential obstacles. This is where you bring in the secret weapon – your Sales Managers! All your problems will be solved when you hand the right tools to your sales managers, so they deliver the right message. Combine this with the right training to get into the market, and you will be able to leverage opportunities better.

One of the first steps is to keep your sales managers engaged. We conducted a study to know whether or not a sale manager was engaged in the eyes of the channel reps.

We asked the channel reps if the sales manager is -

  • Supportive of channel sales reps?
  • Knowledgeable and passionate about the new product?
  • Effective at working with customers of channel sales reps?

Channel representatives are far more involved in a new product launch when they are working with an engaged sales manager. They are found to be happier about the product and look forward to opportunities where they meet new customers. They believe in the manufacturer and the product, seeing their own success in winning the program.

When channel representative are dealing with a disengaged sales manager, their response is quite different. They don’t feel like working with the manager and find him less helpful. It diminishes their excitement and sentiment toward the products. They do not feel confident about product demonstrations and may also feel forced to take along a manager who hinders their ability to sell. It makes their job harder and can leave them concerned about the overall success.

The rule of thumb is if you can engage your sales managers, they will engage your channel. How do you achieve this? Let us take a look.

  1. Ask for their feedback and input

When you care about your sales managers, they will care about the message you want to propagate in the market. They will also have valuable customer feedback that is vital for your organization.

  1. Use their feedback

When they give you feedback, tell them how you are using their input and show them any associated changes that are made. Once they are emotionally engaged in your product, they will become bigger advocates of your brand.

  1. Change things up

If you continue to do the same things over and over again, every message you send to the sales managers will start to sound the same. Use their input and create better purchase offers.

  1. Appreciate them

If your sales managers are doing an outstanding job with their channel reps, let them know. Recognize them and celebrate their efforts. On the other hand, if constructive criticism is required because they’re not engaging their channel reps, make sure you offer guidance and develop a plan to help them recover.

Now that you know the secret weapon for channel engagement, make sure you use it well and achieve the best possible results. Get in touch with us to know more about how you could increase your sales by devising the right channel loyalty programs.


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