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Employee Rewards to Change Culture

Apr 08, 2014

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Learn how BI WORLDWIDE helped changed the culture of an energy company through the implementation of a comprehensive rewards program.


An electricity and energy efficiencies company was faced with deregulation. To better address this issue, they assigned a task force to review and revise corporate strategies and objectives.


Improve employee satisfaction and productivity to help shape the corporate culture.


The task force chose BI WORLDWIDE as a partner to assess the problems to make the future bright. BI WORLDWIDE rolled out an entire plan to help change the culture. Elements included a system to generate and implement ideas from employees, and online rewards accounts to collect and redeem points for merchandise—earned for keeping up with employee initiatives. Training was provided for peer coaches to promote success, and a communications campaign was launched to boost the excitement of the new program too.


Over 80% of the ideas generated are on track for implementation, with half having tangible savings. As for return on investment, the company saw a ratio of 5.25 to 1, with the threat of deregulation extinguished.

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