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GoalQuest – Seal the deal with relevant goals

Drive performance across your entire sales force using the power of self-selected goals, audience segmentation, and all-or-nothing goal achievement model. 

Drive incremental sales from your entire sales force.

It’s easy to engage top performers—but what about your new reps? And the middle performers? For those sales leaders who don’t have enough time in their day to do it all, BI WORLDWIDE is a trusted partner. Our proven combination of data-driven analysis and the science of behavioral economics has enabled us to develop the tools and tactics that will motivate, engage, educate and reward your sales team in the most relevant and impactful ways.

Design goals to outperform 
BI WORLDWIDE introduces GoalQuest - the world’s only patented sales incentive solution. Fairly simple yet exceptionally impactful, GoalQuest uses the power of strategic segmentation, self-selection of goals, and all-or-nothing reward format to deliver measurable results like no other.

With more than 1,000 programs and 1,00,000 sales reps, no other BI WORLDWIDE solution has stronger results predictability or efficacy than GoalQuest. According to a satisfied client, GoalQuest is “like no other contest.” Here’s a peek into what GoalQuest has to offer-

Self-selected goals 
Drive higher engagement and inspire bigger results with specially designed goals and let your audience pick what they want to hit. Sounds far-fetched? Loss Aversion theory suggests that participants will choose a higher goal to not miss out on a higher reward and our data from many programs indicates a tremendous goal-achievement rate.

Tailored to fit everyone 
Segment your audience based on past performance with tailored goals to level the playing field and drive maximum results from each individual. Our data suggests that an average of 57% of the program participants exceed their past performance, thereby contributing to a huge lift in overall sales for an organisation.

ROI Estimate 
Make the most of your sales incentive plans by estimating incremental lift and ROI before launch. Our data suggest that in a well-designed sales incentive program, the cost of rewards is self-funded by the attainment of program goals – a win-win like nothing else.

Pay for performance 
Reward only when a participant achieves his/her selected goal level.

Access anywhere 
Magnify impact with easy and quick access to a dynamic browser and native app anytime, anywhere.

Communicate & communicate again 
Make inspiration soar high with our robust built-in communication functionality.

Reward them big 
BI WORLDWIDE helps you offer inspirational, vivid, and culturally appropriate rewards from its carefully curated 7 million ultra-motivating rewards suite spanning merchandise, experiences, and more.

GoalQuest allows you to track and analyse key metrics that will help you better your incentive structure design and keep upping your sales-motivation game.

BI WORLDWIDE partners with your brand to offer an end-to-end experience. From Program design, implementation, management, rewards curation, fulfillment to customer support, our in-house experts handle it all!

Drive performance across your entire sales force with GoalQuest

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