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Dealer Incentive Program

Implement motivating, rewarding and measurable engagement strategies to help your dealers sell more of your products

Are your dealers engaged enough to push sales? 

How are you making sure your dealers are totally aligned with your products/brand and feel valued to be associated with you?

The most important part of your channel distribution network is to have motivated and engaged dealers to push your products right to the end customers without giving them a way to your competitors. At the same time, you need to know what motivates your dealers and keep incentivizing them both at transactional and emotional levels to nurture long term profitable relationships with them.

At BI WORLDWIDE India, we design, develop and implement end to end dealer incentive programs to make sure your products or brand is reaching out to your end customers on a consistent basis. We help you drive incremental sales over the business as usual by implementing a data-driven customized dealer incentives program strategy.

Our program management team supports you in implementing the program end to end and also provides you with regular insights along with periodic reviews. Our advanced technology systems, tools, and methodologies enable you to deploy, manage, control and measure your program in the easiest and convenient way possible.  

To make it even more impactful, we integrated the overall strategy with communications & training modules to enable your dealers to push your product in the most efficient manner. In addition to this, we offer more than 5000 rewards exclusively designed to motivate and engage your dealers and channel partners. 

Please get in touch with us today, we are happy to be your partner in helping you design, develop and manage your dealer incentive program.

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