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Learning Solutions

Engage your employees, sales team and channel partners with BI WORLWIDE’s immersive learning solutions to future-proof your workforce and build a robust network of loyal brand ambassadors.

When your people learn, YOU thrive.

In today’s world, learning and development are the new table stakes for business success. Whether it is your multi-generational workforce, sales team or your distribution channel, creating a sustainable culture of learning and recognition for your people is paramount to elevating your brand.

At BI WORLDWIDE, we craft learning experiences that transform what people know, how they feel and what they do. Our approach is to create fully tailored, targeted programs, designed for specific learning environments, with highly immersive content, delivered anytime, anywhere. Leverage our suite of learning solutions to drive engagement, enhance performance and achieve business results. 

  • Create, learn and engage – your way

    Not all individuals learn the same way – finding what suits one’s learning curve is critical to encouraging maximum absorption of information. BI WORLDWIDE’s suite of unique learning solutions is grounded in the Progression of Learning & Engagement (PLE) methodology and includes gamification. All our learning solutions are customisable, even if some scenarios call for unique ways of learning.

  • Immersive, highly engaging content

    The best learning solutions can fail, if not paired with highly engaging content. Through our different learning platforms, you can create experiences, fully conducive for maximum retention of information, with customisable company branding and learning journey using immersive, creative and highly interactive content.

  • Learn anytime, anywhere

    Adopt a culture of learning anytime, anywhere. BI WORLDWIDE learning solutions deliver your training programs over a variety of channels, including mobile, desktops, laptops, tablets, learning portals and virtual meetings. Our solutions can be delivered to your learners through e-learning, instructor-led training, workshops, digital publications, video and gamification techniques, inclusive of simulation and virtual reality – the choice is up to you.

Solutions to inspire learning and growth

Employee Training and Development

Inspire your employees to love what they do and the brand they do it for with engaging learning solutions.

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Leadership and Managers Development

An engaged, loyal workforce starts at the top. Give your leadership the training they need to make a difference that matters.

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Sales Training and Development

Create custom learning solutions that keep your salespeople motivated and connected to your brand and amplify their performance.

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Channel Partner Training

Build strong channel partner relationships with immersive learning solutions. Drive incremental sales, ongoing engagement, and lasting loyalty to your brand.

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