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Channel Partner Training

Build strong channel partner relationships with immersive learning solutions. Drive incremental sales, ongoing engagement, and lasting loyalty to your brand.

Immersive learning to drive brand loyalty

What’s the secret sauce to turning your channel partners into loyal brand ambassadors?

It’s the power of proven, behavioural science-led learning solutions that elevate your brand in the eyes of your channel partners. Our unique solutions do more than just getting everyone up to speed. They win your channel partners’ trust and loyalty by educating, engaging, and empowering them to represent your brand.

Here’s what distinguishes BI WORLDWIDE as an award-winning, global leader in professional learning and engagement:

  • Our learning frameworks and solutions are designed to gain mindshare in the channel. They engage your channel partners in the learning material and do not just transfer information monotonously. This way, your brand stays top of mind for channel partners in the long run – turning mindshare into heart share as well as market share.
  • Unlike traditional sales reps, channel partners have no obligation for learning requirements. So, we design learning frameworks and solutions that are highly interesting and engaging. The solutions appeal to the channel partners and they choose to embrace them.
  • We harness the power of innovative technology to reinvent how learning gets delivered. Our solutions are dynamic, immersive, and user-friendly, and our new-age learning experiences include virtual reality, virtual meetings, and learning portals.
  • Our learning frameworks and solutions meet your channel partners where they are. We are equipped to bring information at the point of need – anytime, anywhere, on any device.

We design and develop a variety of learning solutions, ranging from a mobile-compatible, cloud-based Learning Management System to a highly adaptable content authoring platform to custom eLearning content development solutions – that inspire learning and elevate performance.

Not sure what would work best for your channel? Let’s connect today and design an optimal learning program for your distributors, dealers, retailers, and influencers, together.

Make a real difference with eLearning

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