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Sales Training and Development

Create custom learning solutions that keep your salespeople motivated and connected to your brand and amplify their performance

Drive your business forward through inspiring sales learning and development.

Sales leaders want results. And what is the best way to drive results?

It’s through effective sales team learning. Sales training = enhanced product/market knowledge = greater customer satisfaction = stronger brand loyalty.

This translates far and beyond. It leads to improved bottom line and accelerated business growth.

So, defining and developing cutting-edge sales skills lies at the core of high-growth brands.

At BI WORLDWIDE, we focus on designing learning programs that help develop core sales competencies, including product trainings, soft skills and more, to enable your salespeople to achieve better business results.

What makes our learning frameworks stand out?

Whether you’re looking for facilitated learning or on-demand training solutions, we’re the preeminent global leaders in professional learning and engagement.

We create fully tailored, targeted programs, both virtual and in-person, designed for specific learning environments. Our content is immersive, creative, and highly interactive and its impact powerful and lasting.

Our leading-edge solutions include eLearning, instructor-led training (live or virtual), workshops, digital publications, videos, learning games, simulations, and even virtual reality. We deliver content anytime, anywhere, via desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, virtual meetings, learning portals, or in-person. We incorporate social media to promote informal, supplementary learning. That means no excuses from your sales team. Learning happens seamlessly, efficiently, and everywhere.

We design and develop a variety of learning solutions, ranging from a mobile-compatible, cloud-based Learning Management System to a highly adaptable content authoring platform to custom eLearning content development solutions – that inspire learning and elevate performance.

Want your sales team to drive better results? We’ll be happy to work closely with you to customise every learning solution and design an effective learning program.

Make a real difference with eLearning

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