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Employee Rewards

Create memories for your employees through strategically curated catalogue of ultra-motivating, ultra-customisable reward offerings 

Inspire your employees with a rewarding experience

Curation of strategically chosen and timely delivery of rewards plays a critical part for any engagement program to be successful. Most of the programs fail to deliver a great experience when it comes to rewards choices and fulfillment which results in dissatisfaction or sometimes even disloyalty towards the brand.

From our experience in the engagement domain and various employee-specific researches, we have established that cash is not the best motivator. An employee’s level of happiness is directly related to the kind of reward they receive from ranging from merchandise to experiences to travel. For leaving a long-lasting impact on your employees’ minds you have to first understand their mindset, what motivates them to exude positive behaviour and reward them accordingly.

At BI WORLDWIDE, we are continuously updating our 7 million items strong catalogue with relevant rewards based on what your employees would be happy to redeem. While curating rewards for our catalogue we factor in the hedonic and extrinsic aspects of human motivation.  Our research has shown a shift in preference from cash-based rewards to more meaningful and memorable rewards.

We offer full scope rewards fulfillment services from our local offices in 17 countries across the global and deliver a personalised experience to 3 million participants in more than 138 countries. We provide a wide choice of in-demand products, brands and categories with quick doorstep delivery and customer support to ensure a great program experience to your employees.

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