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Chameleon Cloud – Best-in-class Content Authoring Solution

Create your own custom eLearning content because no one knows your brand like you do. Transform your learning assets to personalised eLearning content on any device, any language with our powerful content authoring tool.

Enhanced learning. Better performance.

BI WORLDWIDE introduces Chameleon, a highly adaptable, cloud-based learning content authoring solution for enhanced learning and performance. With a single course version, you can deliver eLearning content that is automatically optimised for any device, any language and accessible anytime, anywhere. Chameleon's industry-leading framework expands your reach to diverse groups of learners, with control over global branding, tag-based adaptive content and streamlined translation processes.

Chameleon empowers you to develop interactive eLearning content with monthly roll-out of enhancements, new features, games and templates that ensure your newest courses are just as fresh and exciting as your first.

With rich interactivity, simulations and assessments to keep your lessons fresh and engaging, you can focus less on learning program management and more on learning. What’s more? Chameleon Cloud is already integrated with Brainier LMS. Already have an LMS but still want the benefit of the award-winning Chameleon technology?  No problem. The Chameleon Cloud authoring tool is available on a subscription basis.

What makes Chameleon Cloud unique?

Beginner-friendly authoring tool
Users at any experience level can easily build and manage Chameleon courseware with our best-in-class cloud-based editor and deliver it to any device from a single course version. Easy-to-use templates with multiple variations enable you to build something unique for your brand.

Fully responsive and adaptive courseware
Our courseware scales and adapts to the device your learners access it from. Chameleon features games, simulations, advanced animations and testing with enough interactivity, designed to keep your learners captivated. 

Painless authoring & translating
Build, customise and translate your courseware for a global audience with ease. Chameleon Cloud Editor lets you build, author and edit your course in English before streamlining the translation process in two easy steps, with no need for HTML or CSS coding knowledge. 

Personalised learning experience
Elevate your brand with targeted learning, tailored for your audience from a single course version. Customise modules according to learner role and/or region with our tagging system. Dynamically alter content, change the look and feel of courses for the right audience and brand your content down to font type, brand colours and logo updates.

eLearning works best if it engages your audience — and Chameleon Cloud is the gold standard in engagement. 

Explore how Chameleon Cloud can make learning a differentiator for your organisation’s future.

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