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Custom eLearning Development Solutions

Create bespoke training programs with our custom eLearning content development solutions, built on modern instructional and visual design principles to provide an impactful learning experience.

High-impact learning made easy

Need eLearning development help? We’re here!

With 26 offices in the U.S. and 17 offices around the globe, BI WORLDWIDE is present everywhere. We can support learning and development wherever you are, providing custom-built solutions, backed by 30+ years of expertise and experience in eLearning. We’re the partner of choice for top global brands across a broad spectrum of industry verticals. The numbers say it all!

  • 150+ learning projects for 75+ of the Global 2000 companies
  • 5 million learners across 180 countries in 39 languages
  • Customer satisfaction at 9.3 out of 10

We can help in three ways:

WE create it.

You may have courseware, PowerPoints or PDFs that are chock-full of content, but it’s boring and looks like it was developed in the 1990s. It probably doesn’t play well on mobile devices either. (No shame. We’ve seen it. We’ve fixed it.) BI WORLDWIDE can help convert or create courseware into leading-edge eLearning.

YOU create it.

Have an internal eLearning function but still want the benefit of the award-winning Chameleon technology?  No problem. The Chameleon Cloud authoring tool is available on a subscription basis. Tell us how many people you want creating content and we’ll set you up.

We create it TOGETHER.

You’re mostly on top of your eLearning needs, but there’s a stumbling block. Maybe you just need help filling a role or function in your eLearning process. Perhaps you’re stuck on instructional design or scriptwriting or production or translation or — (you get the idea). BI WORLDWIDE can handle those specific needs while your team does the rest of the work.

What makes us unique?

Strategy to succeed
Our unique process kickstarts with strategy and measurement. We gain in-depth insights into your current state and desired outcomes before coming up with the right tactics – everything keeping the end objective in mind. 

Powering new-age learning
We provide the expertise needed to design and deploy modern eLearning and microlearning, delivering bite-sized and personalised content in the learner’s time of need.

Empowering learners to soar higher
Our immersive learning experiences focus on an emotional and impactful way for learners to deep dive into content. We design holistic solutions that can seamlessly scale. 

Custom animations, elevated
Sometimes you just need something completely unique, built the way you want. From complex simulations to in-depth modes of action, we have you covered.

Whether you need role-based help and support, specialised expertise in vertical markets or complete course development services, reach out to us to convert or create courseware into leading-edge eLearning.

Make a real difference with eLearning

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