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Trendsetter In MICE Industry

Dec 28, 2022

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BI Worldwide has emerged as one of the best employee engagement and channel loyalty solution providers in India, with a mission to put its engagement expertise to work for its customers.

BI Worldwide – Trendsetter In MICE Industry Of India

BI Worldwide has emerged as one of the best employee engagement and channel loyalty solution providers in India, with a mission to put its engagement expertise to work for its customers. In a conversation with the Chief Executive Officer, BI Worldwide, Sukesh Jain explained how clients and the firm’s end consumers are at the center of solution methodology, which is driven by agile practices, custom solutions, and leveraging behavioural science, design thinking, and domain leadership.

Jain said, “A lot has changed in the last couple of years, from our lifestyle to the way we work and collaborate, how we do our business and manage client and other stakeholder relationships. Being an agile organisation, adapting to changing consumer behaviour has always been our priority and way of our innovative culture.” The firm co-creates solutions with its clients, partners, and associates to ensure value creation, business outcomes, and return on investment. Owing to its agile processes and program delivery methodologies, the firm has successfully enabled close to 100+ clients in India with various employee reward & recognition programs, sales and channel incentive solutions, and channel events.

“Looking at the diverse set of industries, clients, markets we are currently serving, and owing to dynamic market conditions – BI WORLDWIDE believes in designing and developing custom solutions to meet clients’ and their audiences’ expectations. One size fit all approach does not suffice the requirement of today’s fast changing business environment,” added Jain. Their 70+ years of expertise in loyalty and engagement domain enables the firm to create custom solutions in a cost-effective manner that produce results for their 300+ clients, and 8.6 million participants spread across 164 countries.

The company’s core strength lies in applying principles of behavioural science, design thinking tools & methodology and combining them with their domain research and thought leadership while creating value and ROI-based solutions for their clients. “Be it an all-employee recognition program launch or a way to reward top sales performers through travel incentives or driving engagement with dealers, and retailers.  Even to the extended channel audiences such as mechanics, painters, masons, electricians, plumbers, farmers, agents, and more through community meet-ups, partner events, etc. We build everything based on science, research, and our experience of almost 8 decades in the loyalty and engagement domain,” explains Jain.

BI Worldwide is a global leader & India’s foremost in delivering measurable tech-enabled loyalty & engagement solutions inspired by applied behavioural science. The firm globally serves over 8.6 million participants and 300 clients (7 out of the top 10 fortune 500 companies) across 164 countries.  Their worldwide network of offices and partnerships not only gives the company unmatched local resources but also allows it to deliver culturally-relevant Rewards, Recognition & Incentive solutions no matter where its customers and its audiences are located.

BI Worldwide’s Global Technology Solutions (GTS) division is a hub of 150+ young and dynamic technology experts working on developing and delivering world-class tech-enabled solutions. GTS enables the company to support India and all international client programs, development of new products, RPAs, AI and ML-based data analytics, and security compliances to protect customer and program data. “We recently moved to a brand-new office at Ascendas IT Park in Chennai, designed with a focus on driving collaboration, enabling design thinking, and delivering high-end solutions,” said Jain. The entire office is placed inside a certified green building ensuring a sustainable work environment.

This article is written by Sukesh Jain, CEO BI WORLWIDE India and is also available on BusinessWorld

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