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Enhancing Leadership Learning Experience with an Award-Winning Smart LMS

Aug 20, 2023

Learn how BI WORLDWIDE India helped an Indian-origin MNC revamp its traditionally run leadership learning program with Brainier, our award-winning and incredibly flexible cloud based LMS.


An Indian-origin multinational conglomerate, engaged in EPC projects and hi-tech manufacturing and services, was looking to enhance its existing learning and development program for its senior leadership. The program included a structured 6-9 months Individual Development Plan (IDP) with various coaching, mentoring, peer learning, and action learning projects. However, the lack of a digital platform to conduct the program resulted in undue delays in content delivery to the leaders, program completion as well as difficulty in monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of the program.


BI WORLDWIDE India’s learning solutions experts developed a customisable framework to address the unique challenges. The framework leveraged Brainier, our award-winning, cloud-based LMS. Industry-leading, off-the-shelf training content from third parties was integrated into the platform using its content mapping feature. Several learning interventions were curated through its signature blended learning feature. This is how the incredibly flexible and configurable LMS helped accelerate the leaders’ learning journey while saving resources. 

AI-driven course recommendations were also adopted to facilitate learning for various competencies. Built-in reporting analytics and a 180-degree feedback loop ensured standardised training and progress tracking. Additionally, face-to-face training sessions ensured widespread adoption of this new, enhanced digitalised IDP process, and strategic nudges in the form of reminders helped learners stay on track and complete their program.


BI WORLDWIDE India was able to achieve stellar results within a span of 7 months from the LMS roll-out.

  • 75% of the program participants (200+ users) on-boarded
  • 150+ users started their eLearning journey.

Off-the-shelf content and automated custom learning journeys for every user helped save approximately 180 hours for the IDP talent managers and leadership assessment teams. Recognising this early success, Brainier has been extended to other tiers of the organisation’s leadership base – a clear indicator of its seamless flexibility and scalability.

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