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Unifying In-store Shopping Experiences With Interactive Learning

Aug 21, 2023

Learn how BI WORLDWIDE India helped a leading cosmetic brand reinvent its store training across Asia leveraging Chameleon cloud, our powerful content authoring solution.


A leading cosmetic brand’s customer in-store experiences across Asia – it’s fastest growing market with an exceptionally discerning customer base – were not at par with its global standards. The training programme was difficult to implement due to language and cultural differences within Asia. Tedious training documents translated to different Asian languages were not easy to comprehend. Further, varied training practices, including face-to-face training, were not sustainable and scalable due to the absence of trained local subject matter experts. The brand felt compelled to reinvent the training strategy for 16000+ frontline store staff across 400+ branded freestanding stores in Asia to delight customers with premium and standardised in-store experiences.


BI WORLDWIDE India’s seasoned content authoring team transformed the brand’s verbose training documents into engaging designs, storyboards, and bite-sized content. In order to be culturally and linguistically relevant, eLearning content was developed in 6 different languages – Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and English – leveraging BI WORLDWIDE India’s highly adaptable, cloud-based content authoring solution, Chameleon Cloud. xAPI/TinCan standard was used to package and deliver the content on the brand’s existing LMS. We also ensured proper reception and comprehension of all the training modules by local staff through regular stakeholder check-ins.


BI WORLDWIDE India successfully unified the brand’s store training programme across Asia, with 100+ custom training modules (each 10-12 minutes long), created in 6 different languages, that were easier for the store staff to grasp, retain and complete. Owing to the highly engaging and visually appealing eLearning modules -

  • 16000+ store staff across Asia are in a position to reflect the brand’s global store practices across 400+ branded freestanding stores 

Due to this huge positive impact on customer experience and our easy-to-operate content authoring tool, the brand today manages all of its content development requirements using Chameleon Cloud.

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