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Brainier – Revolutionising Learning & Training

Grow, improve and achieve your brand’s learning goals by seizing the power of the world’s leading learning Management System. 

Educate. Engage. Empower 

BI WORLDWIDE introduces Brainier- a mobile compatible, cloud-based Learning Management System that helps brands achieve breakthrough results by deploying the most compelling learning strategies through industry-leading technology.  

Brainier is devised to serve diverse learning objectives. So, whoever be your audience (employees, Channel partners, or large sales forces), our team of learning experts designs the most compelling learning paths that propel towards your unique objectives. 

Brainier’s Knowledge Technology is built for scale, flexibility, and impact to cater to the rapidly changing and highly sophisticated needs of today's learners.  

Create a thriving learning ecosystem 

Advanced technology 
Brainier is built from the ground-up, leveraging the myriad benefits of cloud-based technology to cater to simple and complex org structures with the most seamless experience. 

Brand Smart 
Brainier enables brands to configure their interface using a totally customizable skin. This way the platform feels like an immersive, firmly entrenched portion of the brand’s experience and learning, rather than a third-party add-on. 

Engaging & Enjoyable 
The built-in gamification engine comprising of progress and achievement badges, leaderboards, and points keeps learners hooked at every point in their learning journey. 

Enriched Social Learning 
With social features such as likes, comments, ratings, live classrooms, conferencing, and forums no learner is left isolated in his/her learning journey. 

Power of Content 
Brainier gives you multiple ways to create and manage your learning content. You could reap the advantages of our rich, robust, and multifaceted content library, leverage your own curated, and created content. Brainier is compatible with industry-leading e-learning standards - SCORM, AICC, xAPI, cmi5 

Evaluate & Elevate 
From Quizzes to behavior-based evaluation, Brainier provides the best mechanisms to test and measure a learner’s progress. 

Enhanced Analytics 
Built-in analytics and reporting gives you easy access to a large suite of reports and insights to constantly track learner progress and enhance your learning strategy to bring your EVP to life. 

Stamp of credibility 
We lead the market with our intuitive technology and impeccable service delivery. Here are some of the awards that we have received from reputed bodies to recognize our efforts in the space of organizational learning and development. 

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