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Recognition And Loyalty Rewards

Inspire your stakeholders by creating everlasting memories with our thoughtfully curated high-efficacy rewards marketplace. 


Money Alone Cannot Motivate 

Cash compensates but it doesn’t inspire. If you want to truly influence behavior within your organization, cash won’t get you there. Your rewards strategy will play a key role in how you engage your employees, channel partners or sales force to perform with inspired intensity. High-value merchandise and personal experiences are emotional in nature – and they alone have the power to inspire emotional commitment and extra-ordinary performance. 


“Money, As It Turns Out, Is Very Often The Most Expensive Way To Motivate People.” 

 Dan Ariely, Predictably Irrational 

 BI WORLDWIDE’s rewards solution offers carefully curated high-efficacy rewards from merchandise, travel to memorable experiences that inspire and motivate stakeholders by creating hedonic moments. 

Merchandise Marketplace – Our Merchandise Marketplace consists of more than a million ultra- motivating, and ultra customisable reward options worldwide. The Marketplace is curated for high sociability and motivation  (it’s easier—and less obnoxious for a participant—to show off their new top of the line noise-canceling headphones than a cash bonus.)  

Experiences Marketplace - We offer 140,000 highly pleasurable and emotional experiences worldwide. From hand-picked tours to exotic locations, food and wine experiences, fun classes, spas, tickets to local attractions, museums and more we have curated experiences that create memories to last a lifetime. 

It is smart, locally relevant and intuitive 

  • Our Global Rewards Marketplace has an intuitive user interface making it easy and indulgent for anyone who is browsing rewards. 
  • It is highly customisable and integrates with many of our other solutions including DayMakerSalesMaker, Channel Smart and GoalQuest.  
  • Each of our country-specific site is optimised for mobile and tablet usage. 
  • Each site offers locally-relevant stories designed to highlight new, seasonal, exciting award options. 
  • Sites are offered in 20 local languages.  

Support till the last mile 

We’re just as local as we are global. With over 1,500 associates in 18 international offices, we’ve got you covered no matter where your stakeholders are.  

  • Our teams are experts in the nuances of local supply chains. 
  • Our customer service teams work closely with our buying teams and fulfillment partners so we can provide fast, thorough support. 
  • We have our customer service teams located in BIW offices around the world because we like to talk to our clients & stakeholders ourselves instead of outsourcing.  
  • We ensure that your stakeholders receive support via phone, email, and chat. 

Experiences Are Powerful – Even Before They Are Experienced

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