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Motivate your channel partners to put your brand first over others and drive incremental sales by implementing the world’s only patented sales incentive design – GoalQuest®. 

Utilise the power of goal-setting to drive incremental sales

Drive performance and engagement by offering your channel partners to self-select their goals which are above business as usual and reward them on successfully achieving the selected goals. GoalQuest offers research based goal-setting architecture which allows your channel partners to self-select the goals and get rewarded basis their performance versus self-selected goal.  

Here’s how GoalQuest works:

Self-selected goals - To participate in the sales incentive program, users must self-select a goal which is above the baseline target. It increases motivation and drive accountability besides giving users the sense of being in control of their own performance.

Focus – To keep a track of the performance, users receive a weekly “performance versus goal achievement update” email highlighting the gap. This triggers self-motivation and planning from the user to achieve the self-selected goal. This also keeps you brand top-of-mind.

SegmentationWith GoalQuest you can segment your channel partners’ basis similar levels of productivity. This allows you set the goals which are attainable to drive incremental growth from your channel partners. Without this, there’s no significance in setting up the goals which leaves top performers with no motivation to perform and low performers frustrated. Thankfully, all this and more is possible with GoalQuest.

Compelling rewards Achieving self-selected goals not only gives your channel partner recognition but also makes them eligible for exciting tangible rewards.

Act before the competition takes an initiative to stands out with your channel partners. Research shows that GoalQuest programs consistently out-perform other incentive platforms.

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