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Employee Engagement Strategies

Create a memorable experience for your employees using various research based strategies and methodologies 

Aligning engagement strategies with business goals for delivering results

The change in preferences and the rise of the millennials in today’s workforce, catalyzed by the rage of digitization has led them to expect much more fun, engaging and end-to-end solutions. Brands and their leaders are now more focused on how to create an EVP so strong that builds an emotional connect with its employees.

Factors such as work environment, team relationships, professional growth opportunities, company culture, and recognition need to be looked at from a fresh perspective. Employees are becoming like customers and their overall engagement and happiness quotient matters as much as customer satisfaction. Brands cannot afford low engagements.

In order for brands to gain competitive returns, employee engagement has to be scored continually throughout the organisation and powered by innovative expertise. Engagement cannot be an ad hoc task that you need to check off from your JOB LIST, it should very much be a part of your business strategy.

The question is how can you seamlessly align your engagement strategy with your overall business strategy to capatlize on your workforce?

At BI WORLDWIDE we utilize the principles of behavioural economics combined with our research in the form of New rules of engagement and extensive domain expertise to design a unique strategy that truly drives engagement throughout an employees’ journey and creates memorable employee experience.

Our approach looks into the heart of your current operations to minimize weaknesses and capitalize on existing strengths. Our engagement strategies will help you stir collaborative innovation, build consensus and strengthen relationships. Not just that, it will assist in meeting your business goals and tackle everyday challenges with your workforce.

We incorporate strategies and metrics into design variables for which we have national norms, to help the client understand its relative strengths and weaknesses. We survey variables, whether normative or specific to the client, and validate based on that organisation’s unique performance metrics.

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