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Sales Motivation Strategies

Motivate your sales team with strategies and tactics based on science and research for maximizing their performance.

Boost your sales growth

In this ultra-competitive market where every brand is aggressively trying to increase its market share and out do the competition, the dire need is to have highly motivated sales teams performing at their full potential. For that, deploying the right strategies to inspire and activate both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation factors becomes the inevitable ask.

The biggest challenge faced by sales leaders is not the sales targets but the de-motivated sales teams that works towards those targets. This problem further aggravates when the strategies formed by the leaders are based on mere speculations rather than being based on science and data.

Another huge roadblock in coming up with the right strategy for the sales teams is the blind eye that the sales leaders have towards the middle performers. Ignoring the fact that Middle performers contributes about 60% in the sales, more than half of the total sales target. The strategies formulated by the sales leaders maybe the best fit for top performers but acts as De-motivator for the middle.

The question is what are these intrinsic and extrinsic factors, which make your sales teams and sell your products? How to optimally grow your sales by engaging not just the top performers but low and middle level sales performers? How to apply the science in formulating the right motivation strategies?

By the virtue of our 68+ years of experience, several extensive researches, behavioral science application and domain knowledge in designing sales motivation strategies for the brands across the globe, we have just the right answers for these questions.

Behavioural science places people and their irrationalities at its core, which is crucial for devising impactful strategies that motivate people to change their behaviours and actions in a way that helps drive sustainable and measurable results for organisations. Our expertise lies in designing strategies based on science and data, keeping humans at its core.

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