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Debunking the Myths around Motivation

Base your sales team motivation strategies on science, not speculation

"I know what will motivate my sales team. A party and chunky incentives and they are game". Sure, most of the sales leaders today relates to this statement. 'I KNOW' being the basis of your sales motivation strategy will fall flat on the ground as it’s based on your speculation and lacks credibility. What you really need is a human centric science based motivation strategy that will help you change behaviour of your teams and improve their performance.

As 77% of human behavior is driven by emotions, with only 23% driven by reason, leaders must recognise that inspiring your teams to work harder requires the additional insight that comes from behavioural science.

Let’s take a look at a few common points that you miss out while designing the motivation strategies

  1. Set relevant goals: Set meaningful goals across levels to drive incremental sales revenue.
  2. Love your underperformers: Underperformers are capable of showing double digit sales improvements if motivated well.
  3. Forget about cash: Offer pleasurable rewards that are meaningful to the employee, as opposed to focusing on cash rewards only.
  4. Unclog channels of communication: Offer relevant communication and feedback that helps drive more participation.
  5. Prioritise learning for better performance: Invest time in training and encouraging the pursuit of learning.
  6. Recognise efforts for what they are: Offer regular recognition to improve productivity through timely feedback, effective communication, and meaningful rewards!

Leaders within an organisation must work together to add these considerations to your sales motivations strategies to establish a more human centric approach to motivation. It is only through this you will see higher performance, high talent retention, and a fantastic work culture and of course a very well-motivated team.

At BI WORLDWIDE India we can work with you to come up with the right motivation strategies for your teams.

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