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Channel Smart - Unleash your Channel potential

An intuitive, robust, easy-to-launch Channel engagement solution to maximise the potential of your channel distribution network, be it distributors, dealers, retailers or influencers.

Drive Your Partners Closer to your Brand

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Your indirect sales network, be it your wholesalers, dealers, retailers, resellers, agents or influencers play a critical role in elevating your brand in the minds of your customers. But why would they have a special interest in your success? Are you going the extra mile to create long-lasting relationships with your partners-in-success? Are you inspiring them to be brand ambassadors? More importantly, are you challenging the norms by shifting the equation from a transactional to a relationship-centric incentive model?

Activate. Engage. Amplify

Off-the-shelf channel incentive solutions typically cannot handle the nuances of your unique channel, yet fully custom solutions are slow-to-market and costly to develop from scratch. Channel Smart is an intuitive, robust, easy-to-launch Channel engagement solution to maximise the potential of your indirect sales channel.

Here's a Snapshot of Channel Smart's Incentive Framework

  • Database & Access

    • Defined Access Levels & Job Roles • Audience Smart • Responsive Design • Mobile App • Truly Global

  • Incentive Modules

    • Sales Claims • Single Target • Multiple Targets • Sell X, Get Y

  • Engagement Tools

    • Communications • Content/News • Quizzes • Surveys/Polls • Gamification

  • Reporting & Analytics

    • My Performance • Leaderboards • Management Reporting • Visual Dashboards • Exportable Data

  • Merchandise and Experiences Marketplace

    • Luxury Merchandise • Travel • Experiences • Event Tickets

What all does Channel Smart offer?

Channel Smart offers unique flexibility of blending pre-built components with custom features developed to meet your unique need. The pre-built components have been designed keeping in mind the most recurring channel marketing requirements and are managed by a robust admin panel. This unique model improves speed-to-market thereby helping you tap into market conditions on time.

Audience Smart functionality
One shoe does not fit all! Designed to address multi-layered and complex channel structures, Channel Smart helps you tap into the right audience at the right time with specially designed contests and content–all in just a few clicks.

Pre-built contest Suite:
Be it single or multiple targets, individual or organisation-level objectives, short or long-term goals, you can leverage Channel Smart’s pre-built promotion/ contest frameworks that incorporate behavioral economics, industry trends, incentive domain expertise, and best-practices.

Content Management System
Timely and targeted content is critical to sustaining channel partner engagement. Channel Smart’s built-in CMS allows you to readily create and launch various forms of content to specific audience groups of your choice.

Our team of UI-UX experts design captivating interfaces to keep your channel’s brand experience consistent with your brand guidelines to ensure there is no dilution.

Complex Database Management
Be it multiple audience databases or sales files, Channel Smart offers a secure and structured way to store all the data that is critical to your channel program.

In-depth Analytics 
Channel Smart allows you to track and analyse key metrics that will help you booster your incentive structure design and build the most engaged channel community that works towards your brand’s success.

Rewards that Inspire
Last but not the least, BI WORLDWIDE helps you offer inspirational, vivid, and culturally appropriate rewards from its carefully curated 7 million ultra-motivating rewards suite spanning merchandise, experiences, and more.

BI WORLDWIDE partners with your brand to offer an end-to-end experience. From thought-leadership, program design, implementation, management, rewards curation, fulfillment to customer support, our in-house experts handle it all!  

Request for a demo now and understand in detail how Channel Smart can simplify your most complex channel challenges.

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