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Manager Training

Provide your managers with the power of knowledge to inspire their subordinates and help them perform at their full potential  

Creating stronger EVP with Managers

The need of the hour isn't just managers who lead, but managers who can also engage. Employees who are engaged are on the same page as their employers when it comes to the organisation's roadmap. Statistics show that employees who are engaged in meaningful work i.e. understand how their work is playing a part in business success display greater commitment and productivity by upto 60 percent and 73 percent respectively.

How do you let your corporate vision and mission trickle down from boardroom conversations to everyday decisions of the average employee? Managers are instrumental in this effort, and your job here isn't done just as yet. Training your managers to understand the importance of employee engagement and infusing the same in the employees’ journey becomes vital for creating a strong EVP. Making them reinforce the right behaviours in their team through timely recognition and rewards, and connect their efforts to the purpose of the organization will lead to the success of your engagement program.

Although it can be a big shift, BI WORLDWIDE provides learning solutions specific to your needs to make it easier for busy managers to embrace, understand, and implement change. We know how valuable your managers' time is and we make it count.

We offer specific eLearning to make it simpler and more efficient for managers to get up to speed on how to build and sustain a culture of recognition – where ever they are, whenever they want. Practical real-world examples and planning strategies bring our material to life.

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