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Drive Sales Globally

Nov 14, 2014

Learn how we helped a major technology company improve sales on a global scale.

Drive Sales Globally

Learn how BI WORLDWIDE solutions helped a large technology firm increase sales on a global scale.


For this multinational technology firm, group travel events had energized their sales force to do their best work. But when budgets tightened, the firm needed an equally appealing, yet more cost effective, option.


Drive international sales to meet quotas and reward top performers.


BI WORLDWIDE brought together two powerful assets to reward and recognize the sales force. The first was BI WORLDWIDE’s patent-pending social recognition tool—Recognition PURL™—to recognize individuals’ achievements with comments, photos and videos from peers, friends and family members. The second was individual travel options.


Nearly 9,000 performers were recognized globally for their great work meeting or exceeding quotas. 33,597 PURL contributions were also received.

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