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High-tech + High-touch Dealer Engagement Ecosystem

Aug 09, 2023

Learn how BI WORLDWIDE India unified and enhanced dealer experience leveraging intuitive technology, hedonic rewards, engaging campaigns and multi-lingual communication, resulting in 20% sales growth by over 45% dealers.


A leading cement manufacturing brand wanted high engagement under one umbrella loyalty Program for its direct dealers, by combining their existing loyalty Program from 4 regions onto one platform while still retaining regional nuances. The brand was hitting a roadblock with scaling up its existing loyalty Program since these were all managed by separate agencies in each region, which created inconsistencies and operational challenges that could not be easily resolved. The brand also wanted a more compelling and consistent communications strategy, along with an exciting array of rewards to boost engagement and loyalty levels.


At the outset, BI WORLDWIDE India built the brand a customised and unified loyalty Program with its proprietary audience smart technology, which allowed the regions to run their Program independently, while still being on a common platform. A customised web and mobile-based platform were created to help streamline the Program and simplify the onboarding process, where all Program details, sales, and points earned and redeemed could be tracked easily. A common reward currency was also deployed across regions so as to facilitate pan-India recognition and rewarding of desired dealer behaviours such as Program participation and installation of the app.

The rewards marketplace was also significantly expanded to include over 2,500 meaningful and luxury non-cash rewards, and the reward opportunities were not only linked to sales targets but also personal milestones (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) and popular festivals (Diwali, Durga Puja, Eid, etc.), in order to strengthen the emotional bond between dealers and the brand.

Another key priority was to communicate consistently with the dealers, and SMS, IVR, WhatsApp and email were used to keep dealers in the loop on upcoming contests, promotional campaigns, and status update on points balance and redemption requests. The sales teams also made efforts to train dealers on the product details, and created short quizzes and questionnaires to make it an immersive learning experience.


BI WORLDWIDE India’s customized and technologically advanced approach towards combining multiple loyalty Program into a single, easy to use platform has led to stellar results for the brand:

  • 99% dealers rated their overall experience as 4/5
  • 90% dealers activating their profile within 2 months
  • 75% dealers transacted regularly on the mobile app
  • 20% growth in volume registered by over 45% dealers in 9 months, significantly exceeding industry average 

The rewards catalogue was also particularly well-received, with over 4000 high value reward items redeemed in just 9 months. All in all, the brand was finally able to see a clear uptick in engagement and loyalty levels among its dealers, thus creating more tangible opportunities for revenue growth.

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