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Driving Influencer Sales and Engagement Through Loyalty

Aug 13, 2023

Learn how BI WORLDWIDE India strengthened multi-brand outlet sales for a leading mattress brand with an intuitive, multi-lingual mobile solution resulting in 2.4X increase in engaged influencer base.


A leading Indian mattress company wanted to strengthen ties with its influencers, i.e. carpenters, in order to drive multi-brand outlet sales through a loyalty program. The brand’s existing programme was transactional with low visibility into tertiary channel, delayed recognition and an inefficient reward redemption and delivery process, leading to dissatisfaction and churn. Basis an initial survey, 85% carpenters indicated that their main pain point was the technical lag in processing their reward redemption requests. The brand was also keen to offer a meaningful incentive structure and an aspirational set of rewards, in order to scale up adoption of its products by its last mile sales influencer community.


BI WORLDWIDE India’s first order of business to streamline the existing loyalty programme was to introduce an online interface, in the form of a multi-lingual app in Hindi and English. The app was easy to navigate and allowed for efficient tracking of sales as well as reward points earned and redeemed. A dedicated multilingual helpdesk was also set up in order to promptly resolve any queries relating to the programme.

A multichannel communications approach that included WhatsApp, SMS, push notifications, and outbound calling campaigns was also implemented, so that carpenters could easily be made aware of participation benefits and terms, as well as ongoing promotions. BI WORLDWIDE India also created an extensive rewards marketplace with over 3500+ aspirational items, as such non-cash rewards are more memorable and effective at earning the trust and loyalty of channel partners. Further, seamless rewards delivery was a crucial step in improving the overall user experience, and therefore prompt delivery tracking notifications were included in the programme.


BI WORLDWIDE India’s strategic changes to the brand’s loyalty programme resulted in excellent business outcomes for the brand within a year-

  • 1.6X increase in the overall influencer base
  • 2.4X increase in the engaged influencer base
  • 2.2x increase in reward redemption requests per influencer

Inspired by this early success, the brand now wants to adopt a similar approach with other channel partners in its distribution network.

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