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Unifying Channel Partner Experience with Tech-enabled Loyalty Framework

Aug 17, 2023

Learn how BI WORLDWIDE India helped an American MNC unify their complex channel partner ecosystem with a single, point-based, enterprise-wide channel loyalty program resulting in 2X revenue growth for the brand.


An American multinational conglomerate engaged in manufacturing of healthcare, transportation, electronics, and consumer products was running multiple trade marketing programs and schemes in-house, across its business verticals. The loyalty schemes were managed in siloes, inconsistent and mostly operated through manual methodologies. Moreover, zero visibility on secondary sales made it increasingly difficult for the brand to optimise incremental business and scale up its trade marketing initiatives. A digitised loyalty framework was essential for the brand to engage with its various sets of channel partner audiences and reinvent its rewards offerings to enhance channel partner engagement and motivation levels.


To manage the brand's complex channel partner ecosystem, BI WORLDWIDE India recommended unifying the siloed and offline loyalty programmes across verticals into a single technology platform. This was accomplished leveraging Channel Smart – our patented, enterprise-wide technology solution, enabling the brand to widen their availability and deepen their reach. Simultaneously, our Behavioural Science led communication and high-efficacy rewards strategy helped establish a stronger connect between the brand and its channel partners. Essentially, the channel partners could now experience a seamless process to claim their sales, receive additional benefits over and above regular schemes, redeem rewards, and receive personalised communication on the latest programme updates.


BI WORLDWIDE India’s unique approach to integrate multiple programmes into a single, intuitive, and robust technology platform, resulted in - 

  • 1.4x increase in participating channel partners
  • 1.8x increase in average ticket size
  • 2x revenue growth
  • 80% redemption rate, leading to optimum channel partner engagement levels

Further, these impressive statistics led to an improved ROI and cost efficiencies, making it a win-win situation for the brand as well as the channel partners.

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