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Sales Team Incentives

Boost your sales growth by designing, engaging and customized sales incentive solutions

Right Inspiration for breakthrough sales

Designing an incentive program can be easy – almost anyone can do it. Set some goals, offer some awards, then sit back and watch your sales reps work like crazy to achieve their objectives. Right?

It’s not your fault but this is the major misconception that sales leaders have these days. Yes, you’re an expert in your field but are you able to establish the right environment, or climate, in which motivated performance will occur? This is the sole purpose of creating an incentive program and if this gets defeated it’s just a waste of time.

Companies invest millions in sales incentives but are they investing wisely? Are there approaches to sales incentives that bring out the best in a sales force? And what role, if any, do other elements such as communications or analytics play in bringing out the best return in a sales incentive program?

Incentive programs are not designed on a sheet of paper from a discussion in a conference room, it requires extensive research and understanding of human behaviour. In other words, sales incentive programs should be based on science, not speculation.

BI WORDLWIDE will work with you to kick your sales team motivation and performance up a notch. By the virtue of our domain knowledge and expertise in behavioural science we can help your sales team exceed their goals, motivated by customised and personalised sales incentive programs.

Our solution experts will work with you to design and implement sales incentives that are built specifically for your organization's unique needs and challenges. All of our incentive programs are available on the latest technology platforms.


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