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Boost your sales with SalesMaker

Design, deploy, and manage your own sales incentive programs in one easy-to-use platform.  

Inspire, Focus, and Motivate with SalesMaker

A strong and motivated sales team can exponentially grow revenue, increase brand awareness, and play a crucial role in ensuring a business’s success.

The key to optimising the efficiency of your sales team is to design incentives that are engaging and that offer the salesperson a good return on performance. To do that, you not just need to understand what motivates them, but design and deploy solutions in a way that keeps them hooked.

SalesMaker – It’s Easy. It’s Different. It’s Quick. 

BI WORLDWIDE introduces Salesmaker – a proven sales contest engine incorporating social science principles that help you get powerful results from your salespeople. Salesmaker is the market-leading sales contest suite that offers flexibility like no other.

Our contest design experts follow the ‘one solution does not fit all approach’. They work with your brand to design winning solutions that cater to your brand’s and more importantly your sales people’s unique needs.

Intuitive UI 
Simplicity at its best, SalesMaker comes with the most intuitive and engaging UI that makes the participants easily navigate and find just the right things from progress indicators to upcoming contests and more.

Largest Contest Suite 
Bid farewell to manual processes and unimaginative contests. SalesMaker has a suite of industry-leading contest frameworks that can be configured and launched in a jiffy.

In scenarios where you want to close a gap in quota, or drive a new product that has been introduced, or lift the sales of an existing product, SalesMaker gives you the power to design your contests your way. Having said that, BI WORLDWIDE’s team of contest design experts will always be there to assist you.

SalesMaker’s built-in learning module helps you launch simple activity-based campaigns that reward participants for successful training completion.

Reward them big 
BI WORLDWIDE helps you offer inspirational, vivid, and culturally appropriate rewards from its carefully curated 7 million ultra-motivating rewards suite spanning merchandise, experiences, and more.

SalesMaker allows you to track and analyse key metrics that will help you better your incentive structure design and build the most motivated and high performing sales force for your brand.

Together we will help you win.  

A sales incentive program may fail due to various reasons such as – lack of empathy while designing the incentive program, inconsistency in deployment, unimaginative and repetitive contests, sporadic efforts, low efficacy rewards, and more.

BI WORLDWIDE partners with your brand to offer an end-to-end experience. From Program design, implementation, management, rewards curation, fulfillment to customer support, our in-house experts handle it all!

SalesMaker - an easy way to boost your sales

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