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Transform your agriculture business with BI WORLDWIDE. Reap the benefits of data driven customized channel engagement solutions to connect meaningfully with channel partners in the agriculture industry.

Nurturing Agri Channel Partner Relationships 

India's agricultural sector is not just a cornerstone of its economy but also a primary livelihood source, encompassing everything from farming and equipment to chemicals and fertilizers. In this highly price-sensitive industry, agricultural companies heavily depend on channel partners who provide last mile connectivity from lab to land to bridge the gap with farmers. These value chain partners are crucial for agriculture industry engagement. They often hail from semi-urban and rural areas, having limited technology use and traditionally favor cash rewards. However, they frequently lack vital market insights and detailed product and crop knowledge, which narrows their effectiveness and service to the ultimate beneficiaries — the farmers.

Despite their critical role, a striking 69% of these agriculture channel partners in India, as revealed by a recent BI WORLDWIDE study, feel 'trapped' – making the agricultural sector in India the one with the least engaged channel partners. Their allegiance to brands isn't driven by loyalty but by a scarcity of alternatives, leading to a resistance to change due to the absence of better options.

Through a joint research endeavor with KANTAR, BI WORLDWIDE India has gained profound insights into the expectations and preferences of channel partners. The study reveals that channel partners in the farming and agriculture sector are significantly motivated by rewards and recognition. Intriguingly, they also value educational opportunities provided by agricultural companies. Training in the nuances of agricultural products, understanding seasonal market shifts, and mastering agricultural-specific business skills such as optimizing farm operations are key areas where partners are keen to expand their knowledge. This opens up a fertile opportunity for agricultural brands to invest in and cultivate their partners' growth, enhancing both their effectiveness and the overall industry's productivity.

BI WORLDWIDE India has harnessed these insights to create exclusive engagement measurement tools, including the 'Affection Matrix,' and strategic solution models known as 'IBC', short for Invest, Build, and Consider. Agricultural companies can leverage these robust tools to foster deeper engagement with their channel partners.

Sowing the Seeds for an Engaged Channel Partner Base  

As Indian agricultural companies heavily depend on dealers, distributors, and other channel partners to connect with the farming community, there's a pressing need to innovate engagement strategies. In this community-driven sector, tailored farmer loyalty and seed supplier reward programs can significantly enhance the credibility of agricultural brands. Moving beyond transactional interactions towards more experiential rewards can make a substantial difference.

BI WORLDWIDE India, with its meticulous data-driven and tech-first approach, is well-positioned to provide precise insights and customized solutions for this unique sector. There's a tremendous opportunity for agricultural companies to rejuvenate their channel engagement strategies with BI WORLDWIDE India's support, transforming these crucial partnerships into empowered, informed advocates for their products and the broader farming community.

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