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Revolutionise automotive success with BI WORLDWIDE. Deal with disruption in the automotive sector with strategic and results-driven channel loyalty solutions. 

Revving Up Automotive Channel Performance 

The automotive industry, a vast and multifaceted landscape, spans from vehicle design and manufacturing to sales and after-sales services. Channel partners, crucial to sales and after-sales services especially, are often the face of automotive brands, bridging the gap between brands and customers. In fact, automotive manufacturers often derive a substantial portion of their profits from after-sales services, emphasising the critical importance of strong channel partnerships. However, according to a recent study conducted by BI WORLDWIDE on automotive channel engagement, when compared to other key industries, these partners are least likely to recommend a particular brand and can be swayed easily by loyalty programs from competitors.

Automotive brands grapple with additional challenges such as: lack of a direct connect with last mile sales influencers (such as mechanics); lack of visibility on secondary and tertiary sales; and scarce training opportunities for channel partners on after-sales services. Collectively, these aspects intensify the struggle for automotive brands to create genuine engagement with their channel partners through their distributor and dealer loyalty programs.

BI WORLDWIDE India’s one-of-its-kind collaborative study with KANTAR has yielded a wealth of knowledge on channel partner behaviours and expectations, with specific insights on the automotive industry. This data has been leveraged to build sophisticated, proprietary engagement & measurement tools like the 'Affection Matrix', and a strategic solution framework known as 'IBC' — Invest, Build, and Consider.

The study unveiled that the channel partners in the automotive industry are highly responsive to brands that offer an exciting range of aspirational rewards, from electronics to travel experiences. Consistent recognition of channel partners’ achievements further strengthens this bond. However, the smooth functioning of loyalty programs, along with prompt reward delivery and multilingual help desk support, is most valued.

Strengthening Channel Partnerships with High-Impact Automotive Loyalty Solutions

BI WORLDWIDE India’s channel loyalty programs have powered remarkable growth for some of the world’s largest automotive brands.  2x revenue growth, 3x rise in transactions from active channel partners, and 2.5x growth in retail network coverage are only some of the exceptional results brands have witnessed via their dealer and mechanic loyalty programs.  Unified loyalty programs, persona-based rewards catalogue, product training initiatives, and wellness events have enabled brands to significantly enhance channel partner engagement and performance.

Steering through the dynamic realm of the automotive industry is no easy feat – especially when there is concern around legitimate spare parts, aftermarket sales and so on. A comprehensive approach that emphasizes rewards, communication, training initiatives and operational excellence is key to building lasting partnerships. Explore our work to learn more about our success stories and how we make it happen.

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