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Sales Incentive Program

Equip your sales teams with the right sales strategies and rewards to meet their sales targets 

Are you bringing the best out of your sales force?

In today’s highly competitive and complex business scenario, it is imperative to have a motivated sales force to achieve the desired sales outcome for your organization. At the same, the main concern for sales managers is to find the right mix of sales incentive programs for their sales team to keep them motivated and engaged to drive performance.  

At BI WORLDWIDE India, owing to our domain strength, technology and vast experience of over 60 years in helping sales teams from 17 locations across the globe, we understand the complexities involved in implementing and managing an effective and successful sales incentive program.

While designing the sales incentives program, we make sure it is easy to implement, understand, manage and measure for your sales teams and managers.  Our proven and trusted advanced technology systems enable you to customize the program as per your brand, product, and audiences. It also allows your sales team to pre-select their goals and show them the consistent progress towards the goal, keeping them engaged and aligned to the final business target throughout the program.

Be it the program design, setting milestones & targets, communications, rewards selection & sourcing, fulfillment, sales training, events, collaterals or program analytics, we deliver an end to end solution to fulfill your sales incentive program needs around your budget.

Please get in touch with us today, we are happy to be your partner in helping you design, develop and manage your sales incentives program.

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