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Employee Recognition

Build a culture of employee recognition, engagement & retention to make your organisation one of best places to work  

Recognise your employees to drive performance and engagement

Over the years most brands have been able to understand that employee recognition cannot be just referred to as a “program”. Recognition today has no start or end date it has moved way beyond the perfunctory handshake and pen-and-pencil set is given after 25 years of service. It’s about strategically building a  culture  of recognition. It’s about infusing employee recognition into the everyday life of your employees. The results of which can be seen in the productivity levels and also the business bottom line.

We believe that the overall approach to recognition should be more human-centric than transactional, at the end of the day we should not forget who we’re dealing with are humans too. The recognition and rewards should be meticulously planned, strategic to your employee engagement program.

When you share concrete reasons for recognising an employee, you elevate its significance and eliminate any potential “ my manager is biased ” perceptions. This is your opportunity to say — both to the recipient and to everyone else — “This is what we stand for. This is what we are looking for among our team members.”

We’re the leader in global employee recognition. With BI WORLDWIDE , you can deploy and manage employee rewards and recognition programs based on the scientific principles of Behavioural Economics to help your organization drive performance and employee engagement throughout the world. The solutions offered by us enable our clients to easily launch cost-effective programs that improve employee performance, foster loyalty and inspires them to achieve more while helping to build a healthy work culture.

BI WORLDWIDE India has helped more than 300 multi-national organizations of all shapes and sizes achieve successful results with its employee recognition and reward programs. Our programs have an original and unique twist that enables employees to get inspired from. It helps them draw pride through the recognition practices and initiatives we deploy. All our programs are well aligned with the values, culture, strategies, and goals of the organization to enable every employee to walk in the same direction, creating additive impact. The recognition programs designed by us emphasize and sustain desirable actions and behaviors among employees, which in turn lead to sustained excellence in performance.

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