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DayMaker Recognition & Rewards

Inspire your workforce every day through BI WORLDWIDE’s nimble recognition solution that provides a cool, fun and easy way to recognise. 



Take recognition everywhere. With RecognitionNow, it’s never been faster or easier to recognize everyday moments. Send a note of appreciation, give points or shop for rewards, all from your favorite work programs: Outlook, Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Chrome and Yammer.



Create A Thriving Workplace With DayMaker

Workplace ecosystems have been ever-evolving. Today, with new variables such as the unification of multi-generational workforce, changing intrinsic needs, and new-age work environments, we have seen a huge leap in terms of changes. Brands all around are working out new ways to attract, retain and most importantly engage their employees. In spite of all these changes, one factor that has remained constant is the need for ‘Recognition’. Done well, recognition paves the path for thriving and happy workplace culture. And with the right employee recognition program, you would be the most loved employer brand.

Employee recognition isn’t a one-time act. It shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions. If you really want to make a lasting impact, recognition should be used to reinforce key moments throughout an employee’s relationship with your brand, from the time they first apply for a job through referring your company as a great place to work. Here’s what a continual recognition strategy says to your employees:

Decision Day: This is what you can expect if you join our team.

First Day: You’re welcome here.

Every Day: The work you’re doing matters.

Achievement Day: Your accomplishment is worthy of celebration.

Referral Day: Help us find more people like you.

Sound overwhelming? Hardly. Done well, recognition is simply part of how your organisation operates. And with the right employee recognition program, it’s seamless and powerful.

The Power Of Strategic, Timely, And Thought-out Recognition Goes A Long Way!

BI WORLDWIDE’s sixth-generation recognition suite, DayMaker, built on state-of-art technology and behavioral science principles, brings your employee value proposition to life in a fun, easy-to-use and engaging way. Here’s what DayMaker has to offer:

DayMaker gives your unique program the distinct identity it deserves with simple configurable elements.

Recognition 360
Be it peer-to-peer, Manager Discretionary, on-the-spot,  nominations or more, DayMaker enables you to bring your program blueprint to life with quick configurable elements.

Results-Based Recognition
DayMaker helps you use recognition to align employee efforts towards achieving strategic initiatives.

Amplified Engagement 
Packed with engaging features such as Social feed, badges, leaderboards, TV broadcast, reward points and more, DayMaker has all the elements to amplify your program’s engagement levels.

Service Awards
Daymaker’s in-built service awards module helps you translate your employee’s most important milestone to the most memorable experience.

Machine Learning Mechanics
The ‘Recognition Advisor’ feature in DayMaker acts as a smart personal assistant to nudge managers to provide timely, frequent, and un-biased recognition to their teams. This helps trickle down the culture of recognition throughout your organisation.

Create awareness and maintain engagement with connected and non-connected employees using emails, texts, program reminders, and print collaterals.

Recognition Anywhere, Anytime
DayMaker’s app lets you give and receive recognitions, contribute to service awards, get notifications and redeem rewards on the go!

Awards They’ll Love:  
BI WORLDWIDE helps you offer inspirational, vivid and culturally appropriate rewards from its carefully curated 7 million ultra-motivating rewards suite spanning merchandise, experiences and more.

DayMaker allows you to track and analyse the program's health through its proven and robust reporting suite.

BI WORLDWIDE partners with your brand to offer an end-to-end experience. From Program design, implementation, management, rewards curation, fulfillment to employee-support, our in-house experts handle it all!

DayMaker - The Most Advanced Social Recognition Platform

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