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From brick and mortar to digital transformation

Boost your channel partner engagement with BI WORLDWIDE. Stay ahead in the fast-paced, FMCG market with tech-enabled and data-backed, innovative channel loyalty solutions.

Transforming FMCG Channel Engagement Strategies

The FMCG industry, a colossal global business sector, relies heavily on channel partner networks for distribution and sales. Yet, according to a recent study conducted by BI WORLDWIDE, it’s concerning that nearly one-third of FMCG channel partners in India identify as least engaged with the brands they work with. The challenges are multi-faceted: intense competition from a multitude of brands for shelf space; rise of prvitate labels, a sizable network of partners across general trade channels (such as wholesalers, distributors etc), and modern trade channels (such as hypermarkets and e-commerce websites) that are not tech-savvy; and increasing channel conflicts. All of these conspire to make it an uphill task for FMCG brands to cultivate meaningful engagement with their channel partners.

To understand what really drives channel partner engagement in the consumer driven FMCG sector, BI WORLDWIDE India has uncovered a treasure trove of insights into the preferences and expectations of FMCG channel partners, thanks to its one-of-a-kind research study in collaboration with KANTAR. The research highlights that FMCG channel partners place a premium on brands that communicate clearly, and consistently offer enticing non-cash rewards such as travel experiences, electronics, and luxury goods they wouldn't typically purchase with their own funds. They also highly value the seamless execution of the loyalty program, including prompt delivery of rewards.

Armed with these insights, BI WORLDWIDE India has crafted cutting-edge proprietary tools for gauging engagement (the "Affection Matrix") and channel loyalty solution frameworks for enhancing engagement (the "IBC Solution Framework" – short for Invest, Build, and Consider) to help FMCG brands build and sustain strong, meaningful connections with their channel partners.

Driving Impact with Loyalty Program for Channel Partners

Our meticulously designed retailer channel loyalty programs have driven exceptional results for some of the leading FMCG brands, including 4x revenue growth, 4x more partners, 5x higher target achievement, and a 60% increase in reward redemptions. Strategies like non-cash rewards, tech platform streamlining, and multilingual help desks have fuelled these outcomes.

While the FMCG landscape is competitive and dynamic, a holistic approach centered on rewards, recognition, communication, well-being, and learning can yield remarkable benefits for both brands and their valued partners. Discover more success stories to learn how we make it happen.

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