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Building a Resilient Oil & Gas Channel Partner Network

The oil and gas sector is among the eight core industries in India and plays a major role in influencing the decision-making for all the other important sections of the economy. The dynamic landscape of  this envious industry is characterised by a host of distinct challenges. These range from market volatility and complex supply chains to compliance with strict regulations and environmental standards. Particularly, oil & gas brands struggle with limited visibility on tertiary sales, and their often less tech-savvy channel partners make digital adaptation a slow process. Achieving top-of-mind awareness in the crowded lubricants market is a continuous challenge. Together, these issues underscore the intricate landscape channel partners navigate, highlighting the need for customised strategies to enhance market presence for oil and gas brands.

According to a recent study conducted by BI WORLDWIDE, a whopping 65% of channel partners in the oil and gas sector in India feel “trapped”.  These partners, resistant to change due to a reputation-driven mindset, often stick with a brand out of a perceived lack of viable alternatives, despite their dissatisfaction.

Through a strategic partnership with KANTAR, BI WORLDWIDE India has gained insightful perspectives into channel partners’ expectations and preferences. Channel partners in the oil and gas sector are significantly motivated by rewards, incentives, and recognition initiatives. It's essential for brands to strike the right balance between aspirational and practical rewards, while also celebrating channel partners for each milestone. Hosting appreciation events and acknowledging top performers in newsletters and on digital platforms shows channel partners they are valued. Moreover, channel partners in the oil and gas sector also prioritise and appreciate brands that ensure swift and timely delivery of rewards. Brands should utilize technology for real-time reward shipment tracking and dedicated helpdesks to resolve queries.

BI WORLDWIDE India has transformed these insights into exclusive engagement measurement tools such as the 'Affection Matrix', along with strategic solution models known as 'IBC', short for Invest, Build, and Consider. Oil and gas brands can apply these advanced tools to their distributor loyalty programs, as well as influencer and mechanic loyalty programs to forge stronger connections with their channel partners.

Energersing Channel Partner Relationships with data-driven loyalty program 

BI WORLDWIDE India has consistently delivered transformative channel loyalty solutions in the oil and gas sector, driving remarkable results such as a 30% increase in tertiary sales and a 91% satisfaction score among loyalty program participants, alongside doubling the engagement of active last-mile sales influencers on the loyalty platform.

By deeply investing in understanding and meeting the unique preferences and needs of channel partners through tailored channel loyalty program oil and gas brands can unlock the potential to cultivate enduring relationships. Such strategic investments transform channel partners into steadfast brand advocates, ultimately leading to significant sales growth. Discover more about how our proven channel engagement strategies and insights in the oil & gas sector have shaped success stories by exploring our work.

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