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Experiences Marketplace

Turn a worthy effort into something memorable. Help your employees, channel partners and customers check things off their bucket list with an unbeatable variety of inspiring reward experiences.

Expand your circle of exploration.

Explore locally, plan a road trip, take to the skies or adventure abroad whatever it is that your programme participants want, we've got experiences to fit every dreamdestination, and comfort level.  

Inspire with EXPERIENCES.

The best rewards in life are the experiences we share with the people who matter most.

Your programme participants can make unforgettable memories locally or during their travels with our industry leading Experiences Marketplace. From hotel and vacation rentals to flights, cars, tours, transfers and experiences, the options are endless – and available worldwide!

Our experiences marketplace has something for everyone to discover.

With more than 20 different categories and 330,000 experiences options available in 207 countries, every programme participant will find a reward worth working towards. They’ll earn points to redeem for everything from local events and activities to bucket-list-worthy adventures around the globe. 

By the numbers.

Let the anticipation build! Encourage your audience to set a goal to earn towards.

Your programme participants can also build their dream experience, then work to earn it. Our proprietary Itinerary Builder lets them pick hotel, flights, rental cars, cruises and experiences, and then keeps track of how many points they need to earn to make it a reality. We know from our studies in Behavioural Economics that you can’t beat the drive that comes from knowing your dream is within reach.

Motivational appeal of experiences.

Experiences are powerful motivators. Research repeatedly shows that experiential rewards inspire stronger engagement and lasting impact – for both the person earning the reward and everyone else who watches it happen. Let’s motivate and reward your employees, channel partners and customers with BI WORLDWIDE’s Experiences Marketplace.

Ready to inspire with once-in-a-lifetime experiences?

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